History and expertise

The Capri brand has a few years of life, it is a young and dynamic company, but born from a reality that boasts a history with more than 50 years of experience in the ceramic sector. An industry that has its roots in craftsmanship and uses the latest technologies, high technological standards and daily commitment to research and development: a winning formula that enables us to offer a wide range of technical and aesthetic solutions to meet the needs and styles of different markets. And this makes the difference.

The quality of raw materials and a wise choice of the most suitable production
technology means that we are always able to guarantee the best result for all
production requirements. Our strength lies in the experience of the people who work with us: to consolidate and widen our knowhow we invest in research and development. This enables us to offer products that maintain a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Quality products

Having control over the entire production process, from design to the final product, means that we can offer our customers not only quality products, but the possibility of creating products and sizes according to specific needs.


Near the Po Delta

It is from this year onwards, that in the Ferrarase area of the Po delta, what will be the historic production plants for building materials are established.


Shortly before the 21st century, the factory was built at the Filo Alfonsine site for the exclusive production of porcelain stoneware.

The Filo Alfonsine site


The Modenese pole

The factory became part of the Modenese pole, although not on a territorial level. The Capri brand, whose products were only for upholstery, was also integrated during these years.


Coming from across the Mediterranean Sea is the new family-owned property that has brought floor as well as wall covering materials into the range.

Beyond the Mediterranean


New Horizons

Victoria Plc acquires the Capri brand and the Casabella brand. The merger between the two gives birth to a new reality, which opens new horizons in the search for high quality functional and aesthetic solutions.


GRAL, Victoria PLC's green plant, represents an important logistics and production integration. GRAL is another demonstration of Victoria PLC's commitment to sustainability.