Colours and esthetical features of the materials as illustrated in this catalogue are to be regarded as mere indications.

The tables containing the details of the content per box and the weight of packing are updated at the time the catalogue is printed; therefore the listed data may change.

Our sales department is at your disposal for any question you may have concerning our products.For cleanliness and maintenance of our products we recommend FILA products (

A properly performed laying, following a few simple rules, will ensure a perfect finished result:

  • check that the wall or floor slab onto which you will be laying the tiles is perfectly flat
  • pick material at random from different boxes while laying
  • handle the product with care before and during laying
  • for better aesthetic results, use coloured grouts to match the tiles.

Claims on items which have already been laid won’t be accepted, for any reason for any damage visible before laying.

The decorative strips for porcelain tile are made on the press and subject to slight variations in caliber. Before laying, we recommend to align the product with which they are to be combined in order to establish the size of the grouting gap to neutralize any differences in gauges. Alternatively, you could lay “offset” by starting 2/3 from the alignment sides.

Capri reserves the right to modify the mentioned products without notice, declining all responsibility on direct or indirect damages caused by eventual modification.